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High Pressure Cleaning Sunshine Coast to Brisbane

C-Clean Driveways provide a driveway cleaning service from the Sunshine Coast to Brisbane QLD.  Our team use the latest technology hydro pressure cleaning equipment to remove years of grime and refresh the appearance of your driveway so it can once again welcome people to your home or business.  Why spend half a day wasting water, energy and time with a gurnee when we can give you a better finish in less time using recycled water. Best of all we can do this at a price that makes sense, how much is your time worth?

So whether you are putting your house on the market, tidying up your castle, welcoming customers to your business or just maintaining your home C-Clean Driveways will put another C in CLEAN. Call us today for a no obligation quote. (oh and by the way we can also clean concrete or poly water tanks, brick walls or any unpainted surfaces)

Our Services

  • High Pressure Cleaning & Sealing
  • Rotary Machine Cleaning
  • Mould & Grime Removal
  • Driveway & Path Cleaning
  • Patio, Pergola & BBQ Area Cleaning
  • Tennis Court Cleaning


Photo Gallery

C-Clean Driveways at work